Website Registration/Login Update

First-time customer As you may aware, We have changed the way registration happens on our website to improve the user experience. Earlier: Register from the account page with Email, Password. Add products to cart. Fill the details in the checkout. Complete the order. Now, with the changes, You can complete the order in the below

Too many orders and Delay in Delivery

Namaskar, Hope you’re all doing well. As you may aware that, there is Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) effect in daily life in Japan. As an effect we’re receiving lot of orders from our customers on our website. Though, We’re trying hard to dispatch the goods and serve you on-time, we realize that still the goods

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Website Renewal Notice

Thank you for your continued support. Indo Bazaar are happy to announce that our Online Store website has been completely redesigned and scheduled to release that next week. In this renewal we improved design and functionality, aiming for a website that made it more user friendly and easy to use even on smartphones and tablets.

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