Website Registration/Login Update

First-time customer

As you may aware, We have changed the way registration happens on our website to improve the user experience.


  • Register from the account page with Email, Password.
  • Add products to cart.
  • Fill the details in the checkout.
  • Complete the order.

Now, with the changes, You can complete the order in the below simple steps.

  • Add products to cart.
  • Fill the details in the checkout page along with Password.
  • Complete the order. Your order is completed along with the account creation.

So with the above changes, We are eliminating one extra step to register before placing an order. Now you can register directly in the checkout page when placing an order.

Already Registered customer

If you’re registered on our website already, then you can directly visit the Account page to see your past orders, update address or contact details etc.

You can find the Account page link in the top menu, as shown in the below image.

Happy Shopping!!! We are always here to serve you better.
Please contact us immediately, if you face any issue with your account.

Thanks for your co-operation and understanding.

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